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Arbitration and Mediation - Personal Message

Personal Message from Brent J. Jordan, Esq., LL.M

I have personally participated in and witnessed the extensive time it takes to prepare for and conduct a jury trial in today's high-tech MTV world. You must not only organize and present the evidence; you must also entertain the jury. Clients, witnesses, pleadings, depositions, written discovery, correspondences, photographs, surveillance videos, and power point presentations; it can now take several weeks of pretrial preparation for a jury trial, as well as surviving on 2-4 hours of restless sleep each night during the trial.

With the latest technological developments, the costs of trial seem to escalate every year. I-phones, I-pads, laptop computers, power point presentations, and an expensive parade of expert witnesses ,including orthopedic surgeons, pain management specialists, radiologists, psychologists, whole person impairment physicians, work disability evaluators, economists, and accident reconstructionists;
the cost of a single day in the courtroom can easily exceed $10,000, not even considering the attorney fees.

But the most difficult part of a trial, without any doubt, is the enormous risk for each party. I recall a jury rendering a $30,000 plaintiff verdict, but after the Nevada Supreme Court granted the defendant an appeal, followed by a new trial, a second jury awarded the same plaintiff $1,300,000.

Or consider the plaintiff who received a favorable $50,000 jury verdict, but then owed the defendant $10,000, because the verdict did not exceed the defendant's offer of judgment, and the plaintiff therefore had to pay $60,000 for the defendant's attorney fees and costs.

Don't let anyone fool you. No one can predict the outcome of a jury trial.

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