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ProActive Law Plan

A ProActive Law Plan is the key to preserving your business, real estate, and personal assets.  A ProActive Law Plan means examining your business, real estate, and personal assets for every available tax reduction strategy, asset protection opportunity, and estate planning option, and then providing you with an affordable plan that works best for you.

A ProActive Law Plan begins with your FREE consultation with attorney Brent Jordan; followed by his FREE examination of your business, real estate, and personal assets; and finally, his FREE summary of your ProActive Law Plan. Best of all, your ProActive Law Plan comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you decide not to go forward with your plan, you pay no attorney fees or costs. Not a single penny. And if you decide to go forward with your plan, you will never pay more in fees and costs than your first year tax savings. That means no out-of-pocket fees or costs, and tax savings year after year at no additional cost. It's that simple.

Brent J. Jordan is committed to helping you create a ProActive Law Plan that is affordable, comprehensible, and easy to implement. He offers day, evening, and weekend appointments, including visits to your business and home. Move forward with the confidence that comes from knowing you made the best decision for you regarding your business, real estate, and financial assets.

Call (702) 477-7774 today for your FREE ProActive Law Plan consultation with Mr. Jordan.

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